These Happy Sanctuary Turkeys Might Change The Way You Feel About Thanksgiving

These turkeys are living it up this Thanksgiving, safe and happy on farm animal sanctuaries. Farm sanctuaries take in all kinds of farm animals, typically those rescued from factory farms or slaughterhouses, and let them live out their lives in greener pastures. They also devote a lot of time to advocating for farm animals, and many promote a vegan lifestyle.

So what do these sanctuaries do to celebrate Thanksgiving? Well, it's still all about the turkey, only the turkeys are the guests of honor, not the entree. Turkeys typically get to chow down on squash, salad, cranberries and pie. After the turkeys enjoy their meal, the humans sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner free of meat, eggs and dairy.

happy turkey eating

Lots of sanctuaries, like those run by the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary, also allow you to sponsor or "adopt" a turkey by donating in honor of Thanksgiving. Farm Sanctuary spokeswoman Meredith Turner told The Huffington Post that the rescued animals "serve as ambassadors for the billions of farm animals still suffering inside factory farms, educating thousands of people about the callousness of animal agriculture."

"Turkeys are very social, curious, and affectionate animals, so we give them lots of loving attention," Turner said. "It feels so good to watch these sweet birds who have suffered so much get to enjoy the holiday. It really does capture the spirit of Thanksgiving."

Want to veganize your Thanksgiving? Catskill Animal Sanctuary has you covered, with an entire website devoted to delicious, animal-friendly options. Farm Sanctuary also has a guide, and there are endless vegan recipes online.

In the mean time, check out these happy turkeys!

happy turkeys

happy turkeys 3

Check out even more turkeys in the slideshow below:

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