Farmers Honor Late Neighbor With 'Unbelievable' Gesture Of Support

"It's a small community. We all stick together."

It’s harvest time in Lennox, South Dakota; an extremely busy period for farmers in the area. 

But over the weekend, a group of them took time out of their packed schedules to harvest a field of crops that wasn’t their own. It belonged to their neighbor and friend, David Klinghagen, who died unexpectedly last month.

According to ABC News, more than 30 farmers came together on Saturday to honor Klinghagen’s memory, and to give his mourning family a helping hand. They reportedly spent the day harvesting Klinghagen’s corn crop, using their own machinery to do the job,

"It’s a small community," Klinghagen’s sister, Nancy DeNeui, told the news outlet. "We all stick together."

Klinghagen, who was 52, died of a heart attack on Oct. 31, after spending almost two decades farming full-time on his family’s farm.

His sister said the community’s "unbelievable" generosity during this difficult time has been a huge "relief" for the family.

"The support is unbelievable. It gives the family comfort knowing David was loved by everyone and that everyone would want to come out and help them, it's just an awesome tribute to him," DeNeui told KSFY-TV.


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