British Man Builds Gigantic Farting Butt, Lets 'Er Rip At France

Who cut the fromage?

Colin Furze, a British plumber and prank aficionado, headed down to a cliff in Dover, England, on Thursday to see if he could produce a machine-made fart loud enough to be heard in France, which sits on the other side of the 21-mile-wide Strait of Dover.

"So the grand plan is to become noisy neighbors but on an international scale," Furze wrote on his website, ahead of Thursday's demonstration.

The deafening, fart-like noise was produced using a valveless pulsejet engine that creates a fiery tail when ignited.

The best part of it all? Furze's machine was rigged to fit inside a giant buttocks.

Furze said on his site that he hoped to startle unsuspecting Frenchmen relaxing on the beach across the strait.

Though it's unconfirmed if denizens of France's northern country heard Furze's flatulence, the crowd seemed to have felt the good vibrations.

Watch Furze explain the construction process behind his fart machine in the videos below: