Universal Orlando Now Has A Butt-Naked Troll That Farts Glitter At Guests

Florida theme park takes interactive to a sparkly new level.

Universal Studios Orlando has a new character in one of its theme parks with a very particular set of skills. 

Guy Diamond, a troll from the “Trolls” animated movie, has a well-defined bare bottom that not only farts at guests, but fires off glitter when it does: 

Guy Diamond recently joined trolls Branch and Poppy, who have been doing meet-and-greets at the theme park for some time now, Attractions Magazine reported. 

Branch and Poppy, for the record, are fully clothed. 

Inside the Magic said the troll trio does a dance for the guests. Then, after cutting loose, Guy Diamond releases a sparkly shart, just as he does in the film. 

The theme park’s website showed the trolls meeting with guests six times a day at the KidZone in Universal Studios Florida. Naturally, fans on social media had some thoughts: 

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