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The Fashion Advice From Our Moms That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Moms are a well of wisdom. They've taught us how to write the perfect thank you note, have provided sage career advice ("Don't burn bridges"), and have helped us navigate that crazy little thing called love, amongst countless other things.

So, it's only natural that these magical life- and lesson-givers have also played a major role when it comes to our personal style. Whether it's been introducing us to the joys of a glossy red lip or instilling the confidence to rock whatever our hearts desire, mom definitely knows best when it comes to style.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we here at The Huffington Post are dishing on the fashion-forward advice we've received from our favorite ladies. Check it out below and tell us what your mom taught you in the comments section.

Jamie Feldman
My mom taught me that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look good. When I was younger, I remember complaining that the other kids in my class had all of the "cool" clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch, while my mom refused to even take me inside. These days, I am a smart, informed consumer who dresses according to what looks good on me, not what is "in." I am so grateful to her for my keen shopping eye!-- Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor
Alexis Kleinman
When it comes to hair, bigger is better. And you can never have too many white tee-shirts.-- Alexis Kleinman, Tech Editor
My mom is my style icon. She taught me that style is innate and fashion should be loved. You can never have too much jewelry, "shoulders back/stomach in" is the secret to good posture, shopping is the best medicine, splurge on investment pieces but get everything else on sale. -- Caitlyn Becker, Host, HuffPost Live
Alexander Kaufman
Oh, man. Any amount of style I have, I owe to my mother. No bright colors. She always dressed me in earth tones or blacks. A man can only wear so many accessories and still look sophisticated. No rings, no bracelets. But a watch was crucial. Shoes can't clash with style, and there's no shame in a man having a closet full of shoes (you should see my father's). She wept when, as a G.I. Joe-obsessed 9-year-old, I came home with a crew cut. She made me grow my hair back out, and always insisted I style it. Finally, my pants. She let me wear baggy pants when I was a pimply preteen, but criticized almost daily. When I finally started listening to bands that made me want to wear tight pants, she bought me girls' pants so I could get the tight fit I wanted (I hadn't yet grown into H&M). That's love.-- Alexander Kaufman, Business Editor
Lilly Workneh
My mom is the epitome of flair and fun and she's always emphasized these traits with two things that have become synonymous with her style and personality: a megawatt smile and a glossy red lip. She's proven to me that style isn't always about what you wear but HOW you wear it -- so for her, and now for me too, style is about creativity, confidence and a great color lip! -- Lilly Workneh, BlackVoices Editor
Caroline Weller
My mom always says "Just go ahead and buy it!"-- Caroline Weller, Senior News & Video Editor
Mallory Moyer
If you find a piece that you love and flatters you, buy it in every color. (I own the shirt I'm wearing in this picture in white, purple, blue, and pink.) -- Mallory Moyer, Digital Producer, HuffPost Partner Studio
Amanda Schumacher
My mom taught me how to mix high and low pieces so you can't tell the difference and how to dress best for my body type. As annoying as it was in high school to hear her repeatedly warn me and my sister against "underwear as outerwear" (i.e. tiny tank tops), she was right! -- Amanda Schumacher, SVP, Head of Communications
Lindsay Holmes
My mom taught me that a dress is *always* appropriate, no matter the occasion. (OK, maybe she didn't use those exact words, but how could I NOT learn a lesson like that when she used to put me in dresses like this?-- Lindsay Holmes, Healthy Living Editor
Ethan Fedida
Don't be afraid to be bold or different. All too often the same boring ties, white shirts and plain jackets are worn. Try a nice patterned shirt with a stunning tie. Wear something unique, original, or daring and express yourself in a way that is subtly individual.-- Ethan Fedida, Senior Social Media Editor
Rebecca Adams
My lovely mother taught me the value in embracing my natural beauty while still having fun with my style. We both have straight, fine hair, so we don't fight it by blowing it out or curling it -- we just let it be slightly messy and disheveled (that's a look, right?). And I always loved her no-makeup makeup, so I don't wear much, either. My mom spent a good portion of her twenties in the '90s, and she still has some of that bohemian, almost grunge-y soul in her. I'd like to think her laid-back, yet thoughtful, style vibe rubbed off on me. -- Rebecca Adams, Staff Writer
Jessica Pearce Rotondi
The bigger the hair and the bigger the sunglasses, the better. -- Jessica Pearce Rotondi, Senior Lifestyle Blog Editor
Alexandra Svokos
Wear thick mascara and brush your eyebrows up and out.-- Alexandra Svokos, College & Education Fellow
Hollis Miller
My mother always encouraged my sister and I to wear what we wanted, and to never feel self-conscious about our bodies. She told me about a time when she almost bought a skin-tight dress in her 20s, but she decided not to because she thought she didn't look good in it -- and she always regrets it. "Wear it now, because you'll only get older!" I always think of that and try to be a little more daring with my style because of it. -- Hollis Miller, Social Media Fellow, HuffPost Parents
Julee Wilson
My mother always told me: "Pretty is as pretty does." In other words, being a good person makes you beautiful both inside and out. -- Julee Wilson, Senior Fashion Editor
Lena Auerbuch
My mom taught me that fashions and trends always come full circle, making their way back into popularity time and time again. She advises my sisters and me to buy high quality statement pieces, because you may be re-wearing them in 10+ years! She was right about bell-bottoms, skinny jeans, fur vests, monochrome outfits, and so much more... She'll call me out of the blue and say "Go buy something yellow right now. It will be the color next season." And she's always right!-- Lena Auerbuch, Senior Manager, Lifestyle Communications & Partnerships
Carolina Moreno
My mother was always fond of accessorizing, my childhood was riddled with reminders to wear earrings (I'm still working on it). Not to mention my mother knew that one of the most important accessories was healthy and hydrated skin, which meant A TON of sunblock. But one of the biggest things that stuck the most with me was her lessons on nail care. As a child we'd get those animal shaped small nail brushes and no matter how messy the day was, she made sure our nails were cut and clean. As a teen it was a habit I was often to lazy to keep up with. I also happened to be blessed with nails that grow faster than most, which means more constant upkeep. And though it seems small to others, now I feel it's an essential part of looking the part. I can no longer go anywhere with overly chipped nails polish -- much less chipped nails -- and I'm currently even experimenting with designs. -- Carolina Moreno, Latino Voices Editor
Sydney Levin
My mom, Deborah Levin, is majestic. Her motto is "If you've got it, flaunt it" -- don't be afraid to look a lil' scandalous if it makes you feel fabulous. She's so hot, I'm surprised this yellow jumpsuit didn't just burst into flames.-- Sydney Levin, Director of Video Programming,
Priscilla Frank
My fashionista mom Pam showed me the beauty of outlet malls, clogs, pashminas and, most importantly, gold lipstick over everything. She also showed me how to follow your dreams and be a boss queen by opening her own boutique and turning it into an empire! -- Priscilla Frank, Writer, Huffington Post Arts & Culture
Nancy Redd
The bigger the hair the closer to God!-- Nancy Redd, Host, HuffPost Live
Candy Bigwood
My mom never really "taught" me style but I always knew she was stylin'. Everyday was cause for celebration! Why wait to wear something fun? A few extra bangles, a little more glitter, a few more studs... more is more and nothing plain or vanilla will do. Design is in the details and everything matters down to a pleat, tuck, and accessories. She taught me to appreciate quality and value the fit. If something doesn't look like it was made for you, the price and trend doesn't matter. I definitely see myself in my mom when I get dressed everyday. We ask each others opinion on fashion choices often via links, texts and pics - despite her living in South Carolina and me in New York City. -- Candy Bigwood, Mobile Art Director
April Saylor
Flannel is the most functional piece of clothing you can ever own. The rest of the world might have said goodbye when we entered the Y2K era, but for my mom -- that ish never went out of style. Ever. Lucky for me, it means I have a collection that literally dates back to 4th grade and I was super ahead of the trend when I moved all of it with me to Brooklyn. Now she lives in a cabin and does a lot of fishing so it all makes perfect sense.-- April Saylor, Social Engagement Strategist
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