This Company Is Helping Tween Girls Become Entrepreneurs

Fashion Angels is a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that designs craft and activity kits for young girls. But one day Goldi Miller, the company's co-founder, realized it could offer something more.

Miller joined HuffPost live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss how her company's latest initiative, "It's My Biz," is helping young girls turn their creative fun into entrepreneurial projects, in a way that builds confidence and gives them real business experience that will last a lifetime.

"We started the 'It's My Biz' line because, using our craft and activity kits, many girls were telling us that they were making the projects in the kits and then selling them to friends, relatives, kids at school, and they would call in and ask for more bits and pieces to continue their projects and to sell them," said Miller. "When we heard this, we thought, 'Let's give them more than just the craft component -- let's also teach them how to start their own business.'"

Each kit comes equipped with the craft or activity, along with information on branding, social media, accounting and profit calculations to give girls the full small business experience.

"All of our products are open ended," she said. "We give you the basics in terms of materials to make the projects, whatever it might be, and then we give them basic instructions on developing whatever project there is in the kit, and always it is open ended so that you learn the basic skill set but these are tools that you can take into the future."

To hear more about how Fashion Angels is helping ignite an entrepreneurial spirit among young girls, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.