We Share Our Fashion And Beauty New Year's Resolutions, Tell Us Yours

Our Stylish New Year's Resolutions

Right now you're probably trying to recover from last night's big New Year's Eve bash and wondering how to get the glittery eye makeup out of your pillowcase. Same here. However, this is not the time to forget about those all important resolutions.

Beyond the usual suspects -- shedding some pounds, saving more money and making time to meditate -- we've got a few style specific resolutions on our list. Whether it's tossing the clothes you never wear or learning to apply the perfect cat eye, there's no better time to give your fashion or beauty habits an overhaul than right now.

Here's what we've resolved to make happen in the coming year -- let us know what your style resolutions are in the comments section below.

Dana Oliver, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor
Dana Oliver
I am going to put forth a concerted effort to “shop my closet” instead of shopping the sales racks every other weekend. I’m extremely blessed to have the luxury of adding to my ever-expanding wardrobe -- but it’s time that I revisit a few old friends (i.e. my teal Zara platform heels and an orange Opening Ceremony minidress).
Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor
Jamie Feldman
In 2015, I’m going to give myself, namely my feet, a break. I’m pretty short, and often rely on a little heel to give myself some added height, but living and working (and walking) all over New York City in uncomfortable shoes has done a number on my feet. I vow to wear better fitting shoes with added support more often, to save the high heels for special occasions (specifically ones where I know I’ll be spending some time sitting down!) and to start taking better care of my feet, too.
Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor
Michelle Persad
I'm really going to try and learn more about makeup and makeup application this year. For a really long time I didn't wear makeup at all because I didn't think it went with my low-key style, but there are a few basic tips and tricks that all women should know how to do. In 2015 I want to master the cat eye, perfect Cara Delevingne eyebrows and be able to apply red lipstick like a pro.
Chanel Parks, Associate Editor
Chanel Parks
Next year, I’m cracking down on my hoarding tendencies and getting rid of a lot of clothes and beauty products that sit neglected in my room. Not only will it make my private haven much cleaner, but it will help me streamline my style, so I don’t have a million options to choose from. Here’s to a clutterless 2015!
Julee Wilson, Fashion & Beauty Editor
Julee Wilson
My “Fabulous Skin in 2015 (and beyond)” Campaign begins today! While I love trying out all the fabulous beauty products that come across my desk, I really want to make sure I figure out and maintain a good skincare regimen. I want to pinpoint what products to use for my skin type and also treat myself to a facial every other month. But first I need to simply remember to wash my face every morning -- and especially every night. No more crashing with the day still on my face!
Megan Mayer, Associate Style Editor
Megan Mayer
This 2015, I’m attempting to ditch my one true love: the flannel. I am a total hoarder and have around 7 to 10 old, tattered long-sleeved flannels (most of them with identical plaid patterns) that need to be thrown out! I hope to achieve a similar casual look without these bad boys, which has yet to be determined. Stay tuned!
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