This Video Is Funny But It Will Make You Think Seriously About Fashion Diversity

We're fully aware there is a lack of diversity within the fashion industry. There are hardly any black designers, the runway is almost completely whitewashed and it's puzzling that some people think that Blackface is stylish.

No need to get all hot and bothered, the problem has been solved. Well, not really. But thanks to the topic was highlighted in a satirical and enlightening video for the website's first-ever video series "Flip The Script" hosted by Liz Plank.

The episode shows Plank at this past New York Fashion Week asking folks outside the show tents all sorts of questions. Such questions as how they feel about the event being "the most diverse Fashion Week ever in history" and whether they are "excited that there's no more racism in the fashion industry?" As you can imagine the answers are hilarious as she dubs people into believing her tongue-in-cheek questioning.

Yet between the laughs Plank gives an abridged yet thoughtful update on the state of diversity in fashion. Perhaps the most compelling part of the video is Plank's conversation with model and activist Yomi Abiola. The two ripped out all the advertisements from the top fashion magazines and made two piles -- one consisting of ads with all white models and one with models of color. The tallies were unsurprisingly stark in contrast. For example, Vogue had 272 ads featuring white models and only 38 featuring other ethnicities.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Vogue's Black Covers