Fashion Face-Off! Men Of MSNBC Get Catty On "Morning Joe" (VIDEO, POLL)

Poor Chuck Todd. Not only did he have to be on-camera at 4:15 AM PST, but then he had to endure Joe Scarborough's scathing fashion critique.

First, Scarborough made fun of Todd's backdrops (today was dimly lit palm trees), saying they "are as dull as your tie." Then Todd hit back with "Nothing like getting fashion advice from Scarborough...Like, what page in the Land's End catalog?"

Joe's retort: "I don't think I would be judging people's fashion expertise if I were wearing a gray leisure suit with a chocolate brown tie."

A minute later, co-host Mika Brzezinski swooned over David Gregory: "Someone who's very dapper, though, has tremendous fashion sense, oh my gosh, the moderator of 'Meet The Press,' David Gregory."

Joe shouted, "Oh boy, look at the comparison. So which tie, ladies?"

Watch and vote below.

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