18 Fashion Items That Someone Needs To Invent

18 Fashion Items That Someone Needs To Invent

We love clothes, shoes, accessories -- pretty much everything fashion. But sometimes all those stylish items make us feel... bad. Pinched. Squeezed. Pained. And sometimes, they just don't do what they're supposed to do. (We're looking at you, strapless bras.)

But if we could invent the perfect clothing items, we'd be the happiest girls in the world. Here are the contents of our dream wardrobe.

Spanx that don't make you feel like you're going to die

Jackets with zippers that never get stuck

High heels that don't hurt your feet

Button-up shirts that don't gap at your boobs

Skinny jeans you don't have to fight to take off

Strapless bras that actually stay up

Knit hats that don't make your hair static-y

Headbands that don't give you a headache

Long dresses you can actually walk in

Underwire that doesn't dig into your ribcage

High-waisted pants that don't give you camel toe

Pre-worn in leather shoes

Orthopedic shoes that aren't hideous

Belts that have endless holes at every possible interval

Sweaters that never snag

Scarves that know how to tie themselves

Sports bras that don't suffocate your boobs

Cute underwear that doesn't give you panty lines... and isn't a god-awful thong

In the meantime, all of these things do NOT need to exist:

Toe socks

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