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Fashion Over 50: 11 Fashion And Beauty Blogs By And For Stylish Post 50s

Midlife can pose unique fashion dilemmas -- especially when skirt hemlines hit 21 inches, low-rise jeans abound and orange is the hot hue. (It reminds us of the line in the film "Legally Blond" when Reese Witherspoon's character Elle Woods meets with a client wearing a prison jumpsuit: "You look so ... orange." Really, does anyone look good in orange?)

Never fear -- post 50 men and women in search of a little fashion inspiration should look no further than their computers -- the blogosphere offers a solid sampling of fashion over 50 bloggers who are chronicling their adventures in shopping and self-expression for the rest of us.

From former Lucky editor Kim France's ode to shopping and pop culture, Girls of a Certain Age, to the Grey Fox and his chronicling of bold looks for the "generally smartly dressed and stylish, but not necessarily conventionally good-looking" older man, we've rounded up 11 of our favorite fashion over 50 blogs. Please add yours in the comments!

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11 Fashion And Beauty Blogs By And For Stylish Post 50s

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