19 Annoying Fashion Problems That Make Everyone Want To Scream

Broken flip-flop straps.

Few things are worse than when your hair elastic stretches out so much that it falls off your wrist. Or when your hat leaves marks on your forehead. Or when your new bronzer breaks. Or when ... you get the idea.

Today, we're going to take a few minutes and complain about 18 annoying fashion problems that make us want to scream. Join in, we'd welcome the company.

1. When your hair elastic stretches out so much that it falls off your wrist.

2. When you accidentally wear your new suede boots in the rain.

3. When you lose a button and can't find a suitable replacement.

4. When you shrink something in the wash.

Rubberball/Mike Kemp via Getty Images

5. When a sweater is pilling beyond repair.

6. When a new piece of jewelry turns your skin green.

7. When you get a stain on a shirt you JUST laundered.

8. When the sole of your shoe starts getting a hole.

Steve Pyke via Getty Images

9. When your bathing suit gets all stretched out.

10. When your jeans start to rip in the crotch.

11. When your purse strap breaks.

12. When you get pet hair all over your clothes.

Elena Butinova via Getty Images

11. Sweat stains.

12. When you get a run in a pair of tights.

13. Snagged knitwear.

14. When your zipper breaks.

Vincenzo Lombardo via Getty Images

15. Hat hair.

16. Faded black clothing.

17. Broken sunglasses lenses.

18. Underwear that loses its elasticity.

19. When your flip-flop breaks in public and you can't even walk the rest of the way home.

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