La Fusion: Fashion Advice For 'Natural Tomboy' From Stylist Jacquie'O (VIDEO)

With the help of stylist Jacquie'O, shopper Jackie Martinez will be sure to get a spicy upgrade in her wardrobe.

A natural tomboy, Martinez wants to change up her jeans and a T-shirt for something more "fashion savvy." She wants to learn how to put an outfit together without much time or effort.

Jacquie'O stresses, "Quality over Quantity" when shopping through the clearance racks. Also, accessories are a stylish way to take an ensemble to the next level.

"You can pick out any outfit from your closet an you can use a different variety of accessories to bring it up to date," says Jacquie'O. It's simple and a quick way to stay sassy and get ready quickly when you are on the go.

Note: Jacquie'O says to drop the shoulder pads. Even though many are trying to revive the bulky fashion, just leave those on the football field.