FASHION VICTIMS: Skinny Jeans, Stilettos Can Cause Nerve Damage

Aside from the potential eyesore given to passersby, skinny jeans can actually cause health problems, according to an MSNBC article. Meet 28-year-old Parmeeta Ghoman: a true fashion victim.

When she wore a pair of super-tight skinny jeans to dinner with friends in December, she noticed an odd tingly sensation running up and down her thighs. And when she got up to walk around, things got weirder. She felt like she was almost "floating," because she couldn't feel her legs. "It felt really strange -- it felt like my leg had gone to sleep," Ghoman says.

Ghoman's fashion emergency is a nerve condition called meralgia paresthetica, or "tingling thigh syndrome."

The condition can happen when constant pressure -- in Ghoman's case, from the skin-tight denim -- cuts off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing a numb, tingling or burning sensation along the thigh.

The symptoms are most commonly experienced among those who wear tight belts or clothing, such as police officers, construction workers, and pregnant or obese women, but the malady is on the rise in young, healthy trendsetters.

And for the super stylish, there's an added health risk: high heels only worsen the problem by tilting the pelvis forward. Fortunately, doctors say that the tingling is a temporary sensation that diminishes with wearing looser ensembles.

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