8 Fashion Week Lessons From Movies & TV (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

As teens, we pored over Vogue magazines and read a fashion book or two. But if we're being honest, everything we knew about Fashion Week we learned from movies and TV, whether it was Carrie in"Sex and the City" or the models in "Head Over Heels."

So what kind of picture did all those flicks and TV shows paint? Let's just say we didn't get a completely accurate read on what life in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tents would really be like...

1. Heading to Paris Fashion Week? Don't plan on eating. At all. See: "The Devil Wears Prada"

2. Backstage is ALWAYS stressful. See: "Sweet Home Alabama," "Gossip Girl"

3. At some point, you'll probably get to walk in the show itself -- runways are not limited to professional models. See: "Sex & The City," "Gossip Girl"

fashion week lessons

4. Sometimes strangers crash the runway. See: "Bruno"

5. Runway walk-offs often involve removing one's underwear. See: "Zoolander"

6. Runway audiences are totally supportive. If a model falls, they just applaud and cheer for her. See: "Sex & The City"

7. Unless they see something they don't like, in which case they just get up and leave. See: "Gossip Girl"

8. At the end of the show, sometimes the last model just walks out. See: "Funny Face"

Yup, because that's totally what Fashion Week is like.

Here's a look at the real thing:

New York Fashion Week Street Style

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