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Fashion Week Streaker Runs Through Lincoln Center In The Nude (PHOTO)

Well, here's a look you probably won't see on a runway.

A streaker shucked most of her clothes and darted around the Lincoln Center courtyard on Thursday in front of photographers, designers and other fashion show-goers gathered for New York Fashion Week.

Refinery29 took this photo of an anonymous redhead who ditched what we're assuming was a stylish outfit and raced around the courtyard wearing only a pair of pink underwear and some red sneakers.

It's pretty cold here in the city this week, so we're hoping the brave streaker bundled up in a coat shortly after her sprint of fame. Brr!

This is officially becoming the strangest Fashion Week ever: models falling at practically every show, Bill Cunningham getting hit by an SUV, a tragic death in the front row. Maybe it's a good thing Thursday marks the end of this year's festivities.

Check out the, uh, sartorial streaker below, and to see the uncensored pic (which is NSFW, obvi!), click over to Refinery29.

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