The Best 5-Minute Makeup and Beauty Routines, According To The Experts

When Bobbi Brown speaks, you listen.
04/03/2017 12:00pm ET | Updated July 19, 2017

Your time is precious, isn’t it? All of us want to look and feel good, but really, how many minutes do you want to spend plucking, primping, powdering, shaving, curling and straightening before you get out the door? We have jobs to get to, friends and family to meet up with and lives to live.

So we asked several experts in the beauty industry which parts of a beauty routine they’d prioritize if they only had five minutes.

Their answers prove that beauty routines can be optimized so we feel like our most beautiful selves, without being a slave to the look.

Check out what they had to say.

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"I don't really like a lot of makeup and I think people look best with only a bit of makeup on," Brown said. 

Bobbi Brown, makeup legend and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Prioritize: Moisturizer, face oil if you’re dry, concealer under eyes, stain lipstick and mascara

Brown’s Advice: “I would put a stain lipstick on my lip and on my cheek ― you get two things at once and you get the right amount. I also would choose, if I had five minutes, to maybe take a minute of it and do some exercise or stretching. It gives the best color to your skin.”

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“I believe in a lot of products that have multiple uses,” Jhin said. “I use a sunscreen that has tint, but it also has antioxidants in it. It’s one thing that has three functions.”

Dr. Marie Jhin, dermatologist and author of Asian Beauty Secrets

Prioritize: Exfoliation, moisturizer and use a mask ― but do it all in the shower.

Jhin’s Advice: “I think if you only had five minutes, I would definitely try to do a lot more beauty stuff in the shower. What that means is exfoliate [face] in the shower, use a moisturizing wash in the shower, put a mask on in the shower ― shower at night and the skin is all prepped. It’s a lot faster. Women spend way too much time on hair removal. Do things like laser hair removal so [you] don’t have to shave.”

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[When you embrace your natural texture] you may have something that other women don’t have ― your own hairstyle,” Saviano said.

Prioritize: Embrace your natural hair texture so you can let it dry naturally. Then use dry shampoo and make quick touch ups with tools or good product.

Saviano’s Advice: “I would ask [your hairstylist] for a haircut that doesn’t require a lot of work. Get the right cut and embrace your natural texture, because usually natural hair texture doesn’t require much maintenance. Keep your hair healthy so it doesn’t look frizzy or unkempt. If you have split ends, you need more time making those ends look good. So, healthy hair, the right cut and embrace your natural texture so you can let it dry naturally. Then there’s not much you have to do.”

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"Just pamper your skin and your skin will appreciate it and look glowier. And keep it simple so it can be your routine," Pekar said.

Prioritize: A gentle, creamy cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. Spend a couple minutes massaging.

Pekar’s Advice: “I think there is nothing better than for you to have clean skin; the five minutes should be all about your skin. I always tell my clients – for two-three minutes, give yourself a little tiny massage. A massage is a natural stimulator. If you work out, it is a stimulation for the body. The skin needs the same kind of stimulation. If you put moisturizer on and pat, pat, pat your skin, you will actually see how much better you feel. Put a little eye cream on and massage it in. Give yourself a minute, eye-patting, eye-tapping massage.

“I always say do your neck and chest, too. People don’t realize how important the neck and chest is. The hand is important, too. You can see how people age in their hand.”