Fast Food & Fast Cars


Alright here goes... I decided that after buying a brand new Ferrari 488 Spider, that I will take it through a few fast food drive thru's. My choices were vast but I settled with KFC.

After trying to seek for attention (not what I bought the Ferrari for!) I noticed that the employees really couldn't care less whether you drove a Ford or a Ferrari, after all they were full of smiles. Not being completely satisfied I thought I'd give it one more try, this time at Hungry Jack's (Burger king in the USA).

Once again to my disappointment they were full of smiles and no comments but heck, they could've just been camera shy.

This brings me to the conclusion that no matter who you are and what you drive, they remain calm and stable, something which must have been taught to employees during their workplace induction.

So if you want equal treatment then fast food here we come...!

To watch the full Episode just click on the below link.

Written by Lecha Khouri