Burger King, Starbucks, Sonic Now (Sometimes) Sell Alcohol

Burger King, Starbucks, Sonic Now (Sometimes) Sell Alcohol

A good chunk of high-end restaurants' profits have always come from booze, not food. Now, fast food restaurants are trying to get into the alcohol game in order to boost business. Here's a snapshot at the efforts of some well-known chains:

Sonic: By the end of summer, the chain hopes to sell beer and wine in two Florida locations.
Burger King: There are currently three U.S. "Whopper Bars" (click through for some um, interesting music selection) that sell alcohol.
Starbucks: Four Seattle-based Starbucks are selling beer and wine.
Carl's Jr: You may be able to find beer at a few Los Angeles locations.
Subway: Alcohol is not served at stores with street access but it can be stadiums or airports.

In additional, many quick service restaurants such as Chipotle or the ever-expanding Shake Shack serve alcohol as well. Perhaps there is a valid reason for wine and McDonald's pairings.

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