These Monster Fast Food Burgers Have More Than 1,000 Calories Each

Fast food joints rarely make a promise to help you be healthy, so it would be slightly delusional to expect a nutritionist-approved offering at any restaurant that serves bottomless fries. It's not unreasonable, on the other hand, to order a burger with the expectation that it'll clock in under 1,000 calories -- you know, roughly half the number of calories you're supposed to eat in an entire day.

Indeed, the government's dietary guidelines recommend the average American adult consume no more than 2,400 calories a day. But with the cheap and convenient burgers listed below, maxing out on calories is far too easy.

It's no news that eating too many calories contributes to weight gain (and a host of other health problems) and that dining on calorie-dense but nutritionally junky foods can exacerbate the issues. The next time you contemplate sinking your teeth into that hunk of "meat," well, maybe just don't.

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