Fast Food Psychology: Scientists Identify "Behavioral Priming" Effect

Fast Food Psychology: "Behavioral Priming" Effect Identified

Scientists at Toronto University in Canada say that symbols of fast food can incite individuals to become impatient, squander money, and crave instant gratification. From theTimes of London:

Participants in experiments became jittery even when shown the logo of the McDonald's burger chain on screen for such a short instant that they could not recognise it.

Although each individual sighting of a logo has only a short-term subliminal effect, researchers fear that walking daily past numerous burger bars and sandwich shops could have a cumulative "behavioural priming" effect, making people hurry whether or not they are pushed for time.

We're finding that the mere exposure to fast food is promoting a general sense of haste and impatience regardless of the context."

For more details on the study, read the Times of London story here.

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