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The Best Fast Food Drive-Thru Raps Of Youtube (VIDEOS)

Why say your drive-thru order when you can RAP it?

Since the dawn of Youtube, we've seen it put to use in a seemingly endless number of different ways. From Jimmy Kimmel pranks to cute-kid surprises and cooking channels, Youtube is hands-down the most popular modern-day outlet for creativity.

But one of the most ridiculous things we've found on Youtube involves amateur rap artists and fast food drive-thrus. While food (and, especially, drink) is a popular topic of rap music, these prankster-artists are taking this idea to a whole new level by rapping their drive-thru order to the unassuming worker on the other side of the speaker. And of course, by bringing along a companion to record it all for the video.

The following are what we've deemed the 10 most entertaining fast food raps on Youtube -- if this inspires you to make your own version, we'd all appreciate if you leave a link in the comments.

Taco Bell
Youtube: TheBlockVideos
This Taco Ball rap includes rhyming 'nasty gas' with 'tastes like grass.' Enough said.
Youtube: minimicah112
The hilarity of this Wendy's freestyle rap begins almost immediately, with the poor worker asking whether the rapper's music was actually him asking for a pickle. Palm, meet face.
Youtube: Joe Woody
The most impressive (and confusing) part of this video is how the rapper can possibly drive with a beanie covering half his face. Just being honest, it distracted us from the actual rap.
Wendy's #2
Youtube: M.r. B.
This Wendy's rapper brought along a car full of friends, for both moral and ordering support.
Burger King
Youtube: Chris and Paul
This high-class production has a live beat boxer and TWO cameras. We're impressed.
Carl's Jr.
Youtube: Stoney Productions
This video, which features 'Caspar, Stoney and Ghost,' is one of our favorites -- they even rap their way into a discount.
Garry's Mod
Youtube: RKZStudios
Video game dubbing gone right. Or wrong, depending on how you look at it.
The Various Drive-Thrus of Brevard, North Carolina
Youtube: Ricky Worley
Our favorite part of this video actually comes before the rap, when the driver asks the car 'What does it mean to be gangster?'
McDonald's #2
Youtube: Danielle Remitio
We appreciate the extra effort this duo put in with the costumes. Or disguises. Whatever.
And then one folk song for our more alternative viewers...
Youtube: Rhett & Link
Warning: This one might be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

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