These Photos Prove The Fast Food Strikers Mean Business

Fast food workers got striking bright and early today in cities including New York, Chicago and St. Louis. Organizers of the demonstrations estimate that workers will have walked off the job in 100 cities when all is said and done. The demands? $15 per hour and the ability to unionize.

Reporters and advocacy groups around the country are documenting the protests. In this photo, demonstrators march nearby a McDonald's at 51st and Broadway in New York City, via Fast Food Forward, a group organizing workers:

Nation writer John Nichols photographs a Pittsburgh Dunkin' Donuts with a sign claiming it's closed due to fast food strikes:

Fast food protesters take over a Denver McDonald's.

Los Angeles Times reporter Tiffany Hsu photographs protesters outside a L.A.-area McDonald's:

Protesters storm a St. Louis McDonald's:

Fast food workers and activists protest outside a Chicago McDonald's early Thursday morning:

Protesters take to the streets in Milwaukee:

Demonstrators outside a St. Louis Jack in the Box:

Protesters carry signs near a Detroit McDonald's:

Protesters inside a New York City McDonald's.

Protesters up early demonstrating in Los Angeles.

Activists and the Grinch protest in Chicago.

Protesters march towards a Wendy's in Brooklyn:

Queens fast food workers rally:

Wendy's workers who walked out this afternoon in Detroit:

Workers take to the streets midday in New York City:

Activist claims she was escorted out of a Washington, Pennsylvania McDonald's by police:

Protests spread to Charleston, West Virginia:

Protesters demonstrate in Detroit:

Protesters take to the streets in Los Angeles.

New York City fast food activists rally in Washington Heights Thursday afternoon:

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