The 10 Fastest-Growing Keywords In Job Postings: Indeed


It used to be that the only technological expertise you needed to get a job were basic word processing and webmail skills. Times have changed. According to Indeed, a job-finding search engine, the ten fastest-growing keywords in job postings have nothing to do with punctuality or writing skills, at least not the kind of writing most of us are used to.

Indeed analyzed millions of job postings and found that the top ten skills employers are looking for are all related to software development, mobile development and social media.

Most of these keywords exploded in popularity in 2010 and continued their lightening fast growth this year. Although tech terms remained in the top spots, there was some notable reshuffling among the most popular keywords, according to Indeed's recent data, collected between February and November 2011. Twitter and Facebook fell completely off the list, and their spots were taken by several platforms used in cloud computing.

See the top trends in tech job listings (below). Then, take a look at our list of the top companies that techies want to work for (here).

#10 - Social Media

Top 10 Job Trends

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