Fastest Lap Around Manhattan (VIDEO)

Speed racer Alex Roy turned some heads in 2001 for claiming to drive around Manhattan in 27 minutes, reaching speeds of up to 144 mph over the 24.48 mile distance. And for legal reasons, according to Jalopnik, he never released the tape.

But a new video's making the rounds today, purportedly from a vaguely anarchist collective called Corporate Broadcasting Company (whose slogan is "To awaken the Future Human in us All") showing a new driver making the circuitous route in 26:03 and breaking Roy's record.

The video begins with some tributes to Roy and Claude Lelouch's C'etait un Rendezvous, which recorded the French director's illegal attempt at a run around Paris.

From there, it's all sped-up footage of the anonymous driver's need for speed as he careens through cars from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, up the FDR, across the GW Bridge Interchange, down the Henry Hudson and then finishing on the other side of the Battery Park Tunnel.