World's Fastest Toilet Sets New Land Speed Record (VIDEO)

FLUSHED! This Motorized Toilet Just Set A New Land Speed Record

Most speed records that involve the toilet are set by people who have to run to one, but one Canadian stuntwoman made history by riding one.

She's Jolene Van Vugt, 31, and she's flushed with excitement after riding a motorized toilet into the Guinness World Record book on Wednesday at a speed of 46 mph.

"I flew into Australia yesterday and came out here to jump straight on the toilet," she told the BBC. "That was so fun and I'm stoked to get the record."

It wasn't easy. To win the record, she had to drive the craptastic contraption -- which, according to National Post, was basically a go-kart with porcelain toilet in place of a driver’s seat -- 330 feet in both directions. Early on, her chain kept falling off, but finally got repaired.

At one point, the whole attempt was almost dumped because Van Vugt couldn't stop wobbling all over the place on the bumpy track.

"The cobblestones were a bit dangerous and proved problematic for me,'' she told the Telegraph. "The kick off them almost threw me.''

World records are nothing new to Van Vugt, whose previous Guinness records include being the first female to backflip a dirt bike, performing the longest backflip and backflipping a dirtbike over Arizona's Grand Canyon,according to Sky News.

Still, when all is said and done, she keeps thinking about the toilet.

"I've broken Guiness World Records before but I never thought I'd be the fastest toilet rider in the world,'' she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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