Fat Tuesday Recipes You Need To Indulge In This Year

Let the good times roll.

Fat Tuesday is upon us again, and no matter your affiliation, it's a great time to indulge in the fattiest fried foods you can get your hands on.

Depending on where you're from, the fried foods traditionally eaten on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, range from the sweet -- like doughnuts and King Cake -- to the savory -- like fried Po'Boys. In the UK, Fat Tuesday is Pancake Day, and in Poland, it's Paczki Day -- which refers to the jelly-filled doughnuts they eat. Of course for Americans, Mardi Gras is basically synonymous with New Orleans, which is home to some of the best fried foods in the country.

We take fried food very seriously, and whatever you eat the rest of the year, you should take it seriously too on Fat Tuesday. You're supposed to indulge, so why not really go for it? We've rounded up some of the fattiest Fat Tuesday recipes to help get you started.

Let the good times roll with these 17 fatty recipes.

Puffy Pillow Beignets
Lady and pups/Food52
Get the Puffy Pillow Beignets from Lady and pups via Food52
Fried Catfish Po' Boys With Spicy Remoulade Sauce
Girl Carnivore
Pork Boudin Balls
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Pork Boudin Balls recipe from inpatskitchen via Food52
Blue Cheese Lobster Beignets
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Blue Cheese Lobster Beignets recipe from Half Baked Harvest
King Caked Filled Two Ways
Lemon Sugar
Get the King Cake Filled Two Ways recipe from Lemon Sugar
Easy Baked Creole Muffuletta Sandwich
Creole Contessa
Biscuit Beignets With Praline Sauce
Kevin & Amanda
Get the Biscuit Beignets with Praline Sauce recipe from Kevin & Amanda
Bourbon Bread Pudding
Brown Eyed Baker
Get the Bourbon Bread Pudding recipe from Brown Eyed Baker
Jalapeno Hush Puppies
A Spicy Perspective
Fried Shrimp Po' Boy With Jalapeno Lime Ailoi
Kitchen Belleicious
Mardi Gras Push Pops
Pint Sized Baker
Paczki (Polish Doughnuts)
Brown Eyed Baker
Get the Paczki (Polish Doughnuts) from Brown Eyed Baker
Fried Oyster Po' Boy
From Away
Get the Fried Oyster Po' Boy recipe from From Away
Moon Pies
Brown Eyed Baker
Mac And Cheese Fried Zucchini
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Mac And Cheese Fried Zucchini recipe from Half Baked Harvest
Banana Nut Pancakes
A Beautiful Mess
Beignets Tiramisu With Chocolate Ganache
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Beignets Tiramisu With Chocolate Ganache recipe from Half Baked Harvest

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