'Fatal Encounters': Man Gunned Down By Police On The Morning Of His Wedding (VIDEO)

'Fatal Encounters': Shot Down By Police On His Wedding Day

Sean Bell's life was tragically cut short on the morning of his own wedding. It was in 2006 and Bell was enjoying his bachelor party when he was killed in a wave of 50 bullets. His story was told on "Fatal Encounters."

His fiancee Nicole said of that day, "That was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but it turned out to be the worst day of my life. Everyone who came for the wedding, they stayed for the funeral."

Even more tragic for Nicole, who lost the man she'd chosen to spend the rest of her life with just hours before making that commitment, Sean was the father of her children. He was buried in the suit he would have worn for the wedding.

Police said they thought Bell or one of his friends might have a gun. They did not. They started firing when the driver of Sean's vehicle rammed a police car. The officers involved in the shooting were let go from the New York Police Department, either by firing or resignation after a five-year disciplinary process.

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