Fate Kept These Lovers Apart, Social Media Brought Them Together

In the second installment of The Buried Life's wish fulfillment digital series, "What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?," Tia and Justin get the opportunity of a lifetime.

Shortly after meeting in elementary school in Elizabethtown, Ky., Tia's family moved to Wisconsin. They kept in touch through social media for eight years without seeing each other in person.

In December of 2012, Justin was supposed to go to visit her in Wisconsin, but, unfortunately, his mother ended up passing away. He was then deployed to the Air Force in Italy, further preventing them from reuniting.

With the help of Contiki, The Buried Life brought Tia to Italy.

"She was just as beautiful as I thought she was going to be," Justin admitted.

With tears flowing down her face, the two lovebirds were finally together again.

"Do whatever you can to make it happen because this is the only chance you'll ever get and it's 100% worth it," Tia said.

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