How To Easily Save Money On eBay By Exploiting Spelling Errors

You may not believe this, but there are a lot of people on the Internet who are terribul spellers! For the nit-picky among us, it can be horribly annoying. But thanks to a web site that we just discovered, their misspellings can actually help save you some cash.

Say hello to The idea behind the website is relatively simple: help users easily search eBay for almost every conceivable misspelling of popular brands.

How would searching misspelled brand names save you cash? Theoretically, people who know how to spell correctly never see the misspelled items, which therefore receive less attention, fewer bids and perhaps lower final offers.

So for example, if you search for the brand "Adidas," the site will auto-generate an eBay search field that includes nearly all the ways someone could spell it wrong: Adidad, Adudas, Ididas, Adidis, Adidaas, Adiddas, Adiidas, Addidas, Adiads, Addias, Adida, Adids, Adias, Addas, Aidas.

fatfingersThe site has been around for some time, but the savings are timeless.

We tried it out, and lo and behold, found some pretty good deals.

ebay resultsThe site works with most name brands.

Like this bad-ass black "Addidas" T for less than $5:

adidas tshirt

If you don't like that, maybe you'll like these sweet "Addias" wrestling shoes for, wait, how much? 1 cent.

wrestlingm shoes

Warning for the paranoid Facebook users among you: Facebook will find out that you thought those penny wrestling shoes were "sweet" and put them in your news feed almost immediately. If it happened to me, it can happen to you:

wresting shoes