Father And Son Dress In Drag, Rob Convenience Store

Granny's got a gun.

Some fathers teach their sons how to throw a baseball. Others teach them to rob.

A father-son duo armed dressed as elderly women last year to rob a convenience store in Leeds, England. Talk about family bonding.

Then 17-year-old Declan Pick wheeled his 38-year-old father Martin into the store. In a scheme that seems more like sketch comedy than serious robbery, the pair disguised themselves in wigs and overcoats, clutching handbags.


Seconds after entering, Grandma Martin jumped up from the wheelchair, whipping out a shotgun that had concealed in his lap, under a blanket. The store owner chased them out, and the entire fiasco was caught on tape.

A Leeds County Court sentenced Martin Pick on Wednesday to 18 years in prison. Martin's brother Mark, who manned the getaway car, was also sentenced to 16 years.

Next time, try playing a simple game of catch if you want to spend some quality time with your son.

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