Father David Anderson Looks For Mysterious Good Samaritan Who Helped Save Daughter Bridget Sheridan's Life

One very grateful father, David Anderson, is searching for the mysterious good Samaritan who acted quickly to help save his two-year-old daughter, Bridget Sheridan, from drowning.

NY Daily News reports that while visiting New York's South Street Seaport, Anderson turned his attention away from Bridget for a minute to adjust his camera. When he turned around, he realized his daughter had fallen 20 feet into the icy bay below. Anderson quickly dove in to rescue her, but a French man had already plunged into the water to save the girl. Together, the two men were able to pull Bridget to safety. Luckily, the two-year-old was unharmed.

Anderson explained,

"The fact that she was crying -- I knew she was fine. I was definitely worried that she didn't take any water in. But she was going to be fine."

After the little girl was safe, the good Samaritan disappeared into the crowd. Anderson considers himself indebted to the stranger's quick thinking and is hoping to locate him so that he can thank him.