Father Goose's Nursery Rhymes for Election 2016

Hillary -- pillory Dock -- no longer has a lock
Cause all of her emails are classified for females
And the press is as dumb as a rock

Little Jebbie Bush -- just doesn't have the push
He's all ifs and buts
And in place of his guts he only has warmed over mush
Oh how hard he tries to seem mannish
He'd go along and sing anyone's song
If they'd only translate it in Spanish

Little Donnie Trump built an expensive dump
It took but an hour and he called it a tower
But its known that he thinks through his rump
He would build a wall a thousand feet tall
Cause Mexican lives don't matter at all
And he holds the Trump cards that say "Go!"
Although all of his wives are for show.
He caters to haters and nothing is too low a blow

Little Carly Fiorina refused to eat her Farina
But she was no slackard when she ruined Hewlett Packard
And she's as shameless as Anthony Wiener