Father Looks For Son's Killer And Learns To Walk Again: William Alexander's Story

Father's 2 Goals: Learn To Walk And Catch Son's Killer

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A Miami father believes that his search for his teenaged son's murderer is the reason someone -- possibly the killer -- shot him 18 months ago.

William Alexander Sr., 51, lost his legs following that shooting, but he's learning to walk on prosthetics so he can help solve his 17-year-old son's murder, The Miami Herald reports.

Alexander's son -- also named William -- was driving his father's car in April last year when an unidentified gunman pulled alongside him and fired into the vehicle, killing the teen, according to the Examiner.

A fruitless investigation by Miami police prompted William Sr. to walk the streets looking for witnesses, according to The Herald. He also became a regular at neighborhood meetings where he denounced inner-city violence.

Two months into his paternal mission, Alexander was enjoying some rare downtime with a friend at a poolhall when a stranger approached and asked if Alexander was still looking for him, according to NBC Miami.

No sooner had the father responded, saying the only person he was looking for is his son's killer, than the other man brandished a gun and shot him five times in the leg and back, the TV station says.

The bullet wounds exacerbated Alexander's diabetic condition and months after the attack, his right leg was amputated. Then, infections were found in his left leg, forcing doctors to amputate that limb too, The Herald says.

These days, Alexander undergoes hours of rehab in the hopes of walking again. What keeps him motivated is his desire to bring his son's killer to justice, media outlets reported.

"I will go to my grave trying to learn to walk again," Alexander tells The Herald, "so that I can get back out there and find out who did this to my son."

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