Father Of 27 Arrested For Child Support Issue, Then Released

This Man Has 27 Kids With 16 Different Women

A father of 27 kids from Dayton, Ohio was released from police custody this week after being arrested on Friday for a child support related offense.

The man, Nathaniel Smith, has 12 sons and 15 daughters with 16 different women. According to The Norwalk Reflector, he pays child support for 21 of those kids. He appeared on an episode of "Divorce Court" on Friday -- the same day he was arrested -- with his wife, 23-year-old Jasmine Cotton. (Check out a preview clip from that episode above).

Smith, who was released on Monday, told the Norwalk Reflector that he is not an absent father and pays his child support on time.

“I have arrears. I am paying currently every week,” Smith said. “I love my kids. I never ran from the responsibilities. I’m not an absent father by no means. I don’t have no kids’ moms begging me to spend time with my kids.”

Smith isn't the first man with over 20 kids to gain notoriety. In July, Orlando Shaw told reporters that he was in talks to star in a reality show about his life as a father to 22 kids. And in May 2012, Desmond Hatchett made waves when he requested a child-support break from the court; he has 30 children with 11 different women.

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