Father of Nicole Lovell, 13-Year-Old Allegedly Murdered By A Virginia Tech Student: ‘I Bet She Fought Like a Wildcat’

Thirteen-year-old Nicole Lovell disappeared from her Blacksburg, VA home on January 27, 2016 and after a massive three-day search, her body was discovered by the side of a road in North Carolina. Two Virginia Tech freshmen, 18-year old David Eisenhauer and 19-year old Natalie Keepers, have been charged in the case.

Lovell’s father, David, who believes his daughter may have met the accused killer on a smartphone messaging app, says the 13-year-old would not have let someone end her life without a fight.

“I bet she fought like a wildcat. I mean she’s my kid. I know she fought like a wildcat,” David tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Wednesday. He adds that that Keepers appeared to have a mark on her face in her mugshot and in court that he speculates may have indicated a struggle with his daughter. “The Keepers girl, in her mugshot, looks like she has a scar. I couldn’t tell in court, because she had her hair over, but you can see it in those pictures.”

It has been reported that the day Lovell snuck out of her house through her bedroom window, she was meeting Eisenhauer -- who reports claim may have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with the teen -- for a date. Reports say that Lovell planned to expose that relationship, and that Eisenhauer, a collegiate athlete, and Keepers, a former NASA intern, have both been accused of plotting Lovell’s murder and luring her to her death to prevent the secret from being revealed.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, David shares what he says he knew about his daughter’s secret online world, and reveals his heartbreak over the loss of his beloved little girl and what it was like watching one of the suspects in court. Check here to see where you can watch.

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