Alexis Pauline Gumbs Discusses Her Father's Relationship With Queer Black Feminism

Growing up as a queer person of color is not, by any means, an easy intersection of identities to navigate in the world. But what would it be like to grow up with a father whose belief systems very much parallels those of a black queer feminist?

Alexis Pauline Gumbs joined HuffPost Live this week to discuss her experiences growing up in a household with a parent who identified as such. From a very early age, Gumbs faced encouragement to think critically about issues pertaining to her identity and sense of self, largely due to the efforts of her father. She told HuffPost Live:

"I think one of the things I love about my dad and one of the ways that he's most deeply impacted me is that this is just a man who love black people -- through the music, through how he's invited me to learn about historical figures. I mean, I had Malcolm X for beginners when I could first learn to read... It's completely shaped my journey, understanding that I have to love myself -- I'm a black person. I have to love myself fully and what that has looked like has been really liberating in terms of my journey."

Check out the clip above or head here to watch the segment in full.