Father's Beautiful Journey With Son Who Has Down Syndrome Will Make Your Heart Soar

When doctors told Pablo Poncini his son may have Down syndrome, he said he fainted.

"Everything seemed to have gone wrong," he recalls in the short film (above). "It was as if the road we had started as a family had come to an end."

But the father has come a long way since then, and "The 1,000 Miles Of Luca" strives to show bits of Poncini's emotional awakening.

"Little by little, the Down syndrome disappeared and Luca appeared," the father recounts tenderly in the clip.

Poncini, an Argentine ad man, takes viewers on an 8-minute journey of bonding with his boy by using a car rally as a backdrop. Poncini gets to the heart of the matter frankly and eloquently.

"We realized that it wasn't really a problem," he says. "It wasn't a serious problem, nor was it a problem at all. We just had to get used to something different."

According to the Ads of the World description, Poncini's Buenos Aires agency was assigned to create a campaign to promote "the inclusion of people with disabilities."

Luckily for viewers, Poncini took it personally and had the camera turned on him and Luca.

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