Father Spanks Man For Alleged Statutory Rape Of His Daughter (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An unsettling YouTube video depicting a father spanking the adult boyfriend of his underage daughter for sleeping with her is generating an intense discussion this week.

The clip shows a man yelling at the boyfriend after learning that he'd slept with his daughter. The younger man reluctantly agrees to pull down his shorts and get spanked as punishment for what the father called statutory rape.

"You got lucky, James," the supposed father says. "You could have had rape charges or an ass-kicking."

There are almost no details about who's in the video or when and where it occurred, but more than 23,000 people have watched it since it was uploaded to YouTube on June 15.

A video description found by Gawker states that the man delivering the disturbing punishment drove to the boyfriend's house to enact his own brand of justice.

"Just lay down," the father tells the younger man. "I'm not gonna kick ya, punch ya, but spank your ass, that is it. And it'll be the end of it."

"This is the same thing that Chelsea got," he adds before pulling down the man's shorts and smacking his bare bottom.

The boyfriend yelps in pain.

"Enough dude!" cries the tearful spanking victim. "I ain't even gonna be able to sit, dude!"

Commenters' reactions to the video are mixed. Some say the father should still go to police, and others believe the spanking was due punishment.

There are no indications if the video recorded an actual, vengeful father or if it's some form of guerilla theater.

The person who uploaded the video -- a self-described family member who gets in a truck with the father at the end -- said, "That's what you get for 'puttin it' to an underage girl."

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