The Best Father’s Day 2020 Grilling Gifts For Dads Who Love To Cook

These Father’s Day gifts are perfect for the dad who just wants to get grilling.

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These are one-of-kind Father’s Day gifts for a (medium) rare dad. 
These are one-of-kind Father’s Day gifts for a (medium) rare dad. 

Bug spray, bikinis and your dad bragging about how his burgers turned out perfectly cooked — these are a few of the many signs that summer is officially here.

If your dad has given himself the title of “grill master,” you’ve probably seen him grill, smoke and slather his secret barbecue sauce on just about anything. And with Father’s Day coming up on June 21, you might be looking to get your dad something special that he can use for his favorite hobby.

But if your self-proclaimed grill master dad has hinted at wanting a gift for his grill, you’re in luck: We put together a guide to gifts that’ll get him grilling all summer long.

From a techy thermometer that can let your dad know when his steak is done to a grill pan that’s specifically for shrimp, your dad will truly feel like a grill master with one of these one-of-a-kind gifts. Just tell him to be careful when he’s playing with fire.

Check out these Father’s Day gifts for the dad who thinks he’s a grill master:

A utensil holder that's pretty flippin' good
Etsy / ShopJettDesignCo
Now he can have a place for his tongs, spatulas and brushes. Find it for $39 at Etsy.
A rub-a-dub-dub library
It's (sort of) hot off the press: These spices are sure to be a hit with your grill-obsessed dad. Find it for $72 at Williams-Sonoma.
The perfectly titled "Dad's Grilling Starter Pack"
Omaha Steaks
Just add jean shorts and old, beat up sneakers. This starter pack comes with filet mignon burgers, pork t-bones, sausages and a jar of steak rub. Find it for $50 at Omaha Steaks. And we've got a guide to where to buy meat online, too.
A kebab that, uh, doesn't need a stick
These baskets can hold meat, veggies and fruit. Find the set of eight for $36 at Food52.
A set of grill accessories that are tong-tastic
Crate & Barrel
This 20-piece tool kit from Cuisinart has everything your dad will ever need to grill. Find it for $70 at Crate & Barrel.
A thermometer that's very hot
It's not like regular thermometer: This one connects to your phone to let you know when your grill is ready. Find it for $60 at Amazon.
A Le Creuset grill skillet so he can use his skills year-round
Le Creuset
Even his grilled cheese needs grill marks. Find it for $150 at Le Creuset.
A cutting board with an offer he can't refuse
Etsy / WoodGiftShopSS
Chop, chop, chop. Find it for $20 at Etsy.
A plank that's a little salty
Sur La Table
This hand-cut block is made of pink Himalayan salt and can cook tuna and scallops. Find it for $35 at Sur La Table.
A set of wood chips that are pretty smokin'
So he get the same flavor as his favorite BBQ restaurant. Find the set of three for $21 at Food52.
A pan that's shrimply the best
Sur La Table
And it doesn't shrimp on the size — it can hold 22 shrimps. Find it for $40 at Sur La Table.
A hot sauce set for the dad who isn't afraid of some heat
Uncommon Goods
For when he wants to take his chicken up a notch. Find the set of five for $45 at Uncommon Goods.
A pot holder so the master doesn't burn his hands
Etsy / BeachHouseCrafting
Safety first when you're playing with fire. Find it for $14 at Etsy.
An apron only a legend could wear
Etsy / ApronDaddyUSA
It's definitely not the wurst apron. Find it for $23 at Etsy. There's a Darth Vader one out there too, if he's into "Star Wars.
A "pit mitt" to fan the flames