Father's Day Ad Reminds The World That 'Real Men Dance'

For dads who "aren't afraid to shake it."

This new Father's Day ad goes out to "men who aren't afraid to shake it."

Zumba Fitness teamed up with some awesome dads and kids -- including 10-year-old dance sensation Aidan Prince and inspiring 6-year-old viral star Audrey Nethery -- to create a fun video of fathers dancing with their kids. It comes with a hashtag that reminds us: #RealMenDance.

As the YouTube description states, "It takes a real man to be a father, and today we thank those men in our lives. We thank them for always being there for us with a 'dad joke' to make us laugh, advice to lift our moods, and silly antics just to make us happy."

Happy Father's Day!

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