Father's Day Gift Guide from The Daily Sip & Weekly Pint

Non-Cliché Gifts for Craft Beer and Wine-Loving Dads:

Whether he's a biker, golfer, or griller, we've got innovative gifts for your dad. It is Father's Day season yet again, and another year of decisions about what to buy. (Not another tie!) If the dad in your life loves wine and/or craft beer, but you want get him something a little more original than a great bottle (or three), keep reading.

• Liquid Lunch Boxes
For the beer, wine, and bicycle-loving dad, it's hard not to smile when you see this "beer sling"-meets-cooler, self-proclaimed "liquid lunch box." ($19.95) Find it here.
There's also the leather bicycle wine rack for pedaling pops! ($29) Find it here.

• Golf Ball Bottle Wine Stopper
While golf balls, tees, and shirts are cliché as Father's Day gifts, golf ball bottle stoppers certainly are not. For the golf and wine-loving guy. ($10). Find it here.

• Man Crates
Touted as "no bows, no ribbons, no fluff," Man Crates are a new, innovative gift for guys -- and they even have a few choices perfect for the craft beer or wine enthusiast. If the dad in your life is a manly-man, and loves craft beer in addition to wine, the "Personalized Barware Man Crate" is the gift for him. Replete with crowbar to open the wooden crate. ($89.99) Find it here.

• Camouflage Holster
Does the dad in your life love to grill but hate to have to take time away from his favorite bottled beverage while doing so? This camouflage bottle holster is both practical and rugged, allowing dad to feel even more manly while performing his domestic duties. ($10.95) Find it here.

• Outdoor Wine Table for Two
If the dad in your life loves lounging on the beach or listening to music outside throughout the summer, then the outdoor wine table for two is a great gift for him. The table will help stabilize his wine glass in any outdoor setting...and best of all, you get to enjoy it. ($24.95) Find it here.

• For the Aspiring Home Winemaker
This "complete home-winemaking equipment kit" is perfect for the newbie home winemaker. The kit will provide dad with everything he needs to kick-off his new hobby. ($159.99) Find it here.

• For the Experienced Home Winemaker
If he's been making wine in the garage for years, it might be time to step-up dad's winemaking game this year with an Italian-made "ratchet-press." The press will allow dad not only to ferment his grapes at home, but also press five to 10 gallon batches of them there too. ($319.99). Find it here.

Are we missing your dad with these recommendations? Ask us for personal recommendations by emailing!