You Won't Believe How Some Doctors Talk To Fat Patients

"Don't you want to be beautiful?"

It’s no secret that body-shaming is a widespread, damaging problem, especially on the internet, where bullies can spew hate and hurtful commentary from the cowardly comfort of their keyboards.

But sometimes, those types of comments come from people who are supposed to be the most understanding and supportive, including parents, significant others and, perhaps most disturbingly, medical professionals.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, many patients who are obese voice concerns about medical professionals’ perceptions of their weight, which can lead to a delay in seeking medical care.

Twitter users worldwide came together to share their experiences on Thursday, tweeting in solidarity under the hashtag #FatSideStories ― and an alarming number of them were health care-related.

Twitter user @yrfatfriend, the account that started the conversation, told BuzzFeed that the goal of the hashtag is to empower people. “#FatSideStories lifts up real stories of fat people and asks, ‘Is this really who we want to be? Is this the world you want to create for the fat people you know and love?’”

Below, read some heartbreaking experiences real people said they endured in a place where they are at their most vulnerable: the doctor’s office.

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