Fausto Lopez, Speeding Miami Police Officer, Fired After Investigation (VIDEO)

A Year Later, Speeding Cop Fired

A speeding Miami Police officer was fired Thursday almost a year after he was found driving more than 100 miles per hour, CBS Miami reports.

Fausto Lopez was caught by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper driving 120 miles per hour in October 2011. When he ignored the officer's instructions to pull over, a short high-speed chase ensued. He said he was late to an off-duty job working security at a school.

Fausto was charged with reckless driving and sentenced to 100 hours of community service and suspended for a month, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The firing follows an investigation into the matter that ended in July, determining that Fausto’s speeding was grounds for termination, NBC 6 reports.

According to CBS Miami, the report drawn up after the investigation found that Fausto had a “practice and pattern” of speeding: Lopez has reportedly driven more than 90 miles per hour on more than 80 occasions.

Following the incident, the Sentinel conducted an investigation into speeding police officers in South Florida and found that Lopez was the most frequent speeder. In his commute from Coconut Creek to Miami, he regularly drove more faster than 100 miles per hour and only slowed down to "near-legal limits" after the incident with FHP was covered by news.

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