15 Faux Fur Coats That Look Like The Real Deal

Cruelty-free is always in style 🐰
Christian Vierig via Getty Images

If you’re in love with the classically romantic look and feel of real fur, but don’t have the conscience (or bank account) to support the real thing, then faux fur is your new best friend.

With the numerous textures, lengths and colors of faux fur options out there, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real fur coat and a fake one. Plus, you can’t beat the affordable price tag of faux fur coats, especially when their au-naturale counterparts easily soar into the thousands.

When it comes to faux fur, cruelty-free is always in style. That’s why we’ve pulled together 15 faux fur coats below that will have people asking if it’s the real thing:

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