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What Your Favorite Apple Says About You (PHOTOS)

Do you shy away from technology or leap before you look? Don't tell us, your apple already did.

We get really excited when apple season rolls around. It's not that we won't eat an apple from a supermarket year-round when the mood strikes, but we know it will never be as satisfying as a fresh one, right off the tree. But which apple to choose? There are thousands of apple varieties in the world, all with a unique flavor, texture and color.

We happen to think that your favorite apple says a lot about who you are. Do you shy away from technology? Do you frequently leap before you look? Wait, don't tell us -- your apple choice already did.

WkiMedia: Agricultural Research Service
You are willing to take risks before you have all the facts. You believe in a "bite first, ask questions later" way of life. You'll never know if your apple is going to be terribly mealy until you bite into it, and you're willing to find out the hard way.
You are content to go with the flow, and never really want to choose between red and green, lest you ruffle any feathers. You like to maintain the status quo and please people, even if that means you only eat one kind of apple for the rest of your life.
Granny Smith
You prefer a cheese plate to dessert, a Negroni to a Whiskey Smash and a black t-shirt to formalwear. You are a no-nonsense, fast talker with limited time for pleasantries but an endless interest in frank conversation. Also, you like to be able to put an apple in your bag and take it to work without it dissolving into mush before you get there.
You are content to wait until the timing is right for the best result, rather than dive in at any time for something instantly gratifying but subpar. You value quantity and quality equally. Also, you have great freaking taste in apples.
Lady Apple
You believe in the importance of presentation and value it highly. You believe in quality over quantity, to a fault. Or you might just have really small hands.
Facebook: Grāpple® brand Apples
You hate apples. You might also hate grapes.
You frequently judge a book by its cover, and expect things to change to suit your whim. You are rarely happy with things as is, and prefer to transform situations before engaging with them. You'd also rather eat applesauce or apple pie than an apple.
You always want to be on the cutting edge. You have reservations in new restaurants before they've opened and review movies before they're released. You've embraced technology into your life and can't imagine a time before cell phones or ebooks.
You drink black coffee, read Russian classics and might have a record collection. You're suspicious of technological advances and prefer to do things the old fashioned way.
Red Delicious
Wikimedia: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos
You have never tasted another apple. Or you may possibly be the witch from "Snow White".

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