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What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You (PHOTOS)

You're just here to have a good time, man, and we all really like you.

We're sure we've already told you this, but sometimes drinking a drink after work with each other is our greatest joy. There's something about camaraderie around a well-balanced cocktail that makes a hard day's work feel even more worth it. If you agree, there is probably a liquor you gravitate toward on any cocktail list you meet. What you choose says a lot about you.

Do you always skip straight to the vodka section? Bourbon? Just toss out the whole list and ask for a Scotch? Whatever you do, you should know what your favorite liquor says about you.

You are just as hard to pin down as actual vodka, vodka drinker. Choosing the neutrally-flavored spirit as your favorite could say a few different things about you:

1) You are new to drinking and don't like the flavor of alcohol that much.
2) You are a little too familiar with drinking and don't need to taste it anyway.
3) You are a Russian or Ukrainian grandparent and you are at brunch.
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You recognize the value of hard work, and hold the reward for that hard work in high regard. When you love, you love all the way, but when you don't, you make it quite clear. Your friends looks forward to your arrival at the party, but understand when you can't make it. You know, because you've been working so hard.
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You believe that in order to be truly creative, you have to learn the classics. You fold easily into most social situations, and can always find some interest in common to discuss with most people. Spring is your favorite season.
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Let's all agree on one great paradox of human behavior: if someone tells you that tequila is their favorite liquor, you suspect that they are emotionally unstable. If, however, someone tells you that their favorite cocktail is a margarita, you just expect that they like to kick back and relax. With salsa. You are a beautiful paradox, tequila lover, never change (except when you are throwing up on our bathroom floor, then please change).
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You have seen some s**t in your day. You like to keep things simple, work with your hands, and probably have a shed. Your grandfather might have called you Squirt, and you can fry anything to perfection.
Irish Whisky
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You're just here to have a good time, man, and we all really like hanging out with you.
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You have always read every book. Friends turn to you for advice time and time again. You prefer winter to summer and fireplaces to swimming pools. In times of great stress you hunker down and work through it, knowing there is a celebration on the other end. Also you might be Brian Cox (LOVE YOU, SIR).
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You own at least one piece of velvet clothing, and can name some of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's most prominent influencers. You will ABSOLUTELY chastise anyone who tries to light your sugar cube on fire. Your favorite season is whenever it rains the most.
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You march to the beat of a different drummer. You prefer flip flops to boots, fresh fruit to pastries and are always down for a dance party. Your friends know it will be a different kind of party when you arrive.
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You always need to do things just a little bit better than everyone else. You eat a little better, study a little harder, and party like a champion. You probably own a pair of suspenders or a vintage clutch, but it was before the hipsters got into that, or whatever.
You are Bulgarian (or Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin or Serbian). Also, you can really party.

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