#TalkToMe: These Parent-Child Moments Will Melt Your Heart

"Tell me something you've never told me."

From Arianna Huffington opening up to her daughter Christina about love and divorce, to a gay dad named Jon talking to his son Sammy about LGBTQ equality, HuffPost's new series #TalkToMe is encouraging parents and kids to sit down and share a conversation.

Dozens of families have posted #TalkToMe videos on Facebook since the series launched on Monday. (Here's how to make your own – it's so worth it!) In the compilation above, watch moms, dads, daughters and sons open up to each other, one question at a time.

Below we've highlighted a few full #TalkToMe conversations that really stood out. In the first video, a mom named Penny shares an emotional moment with her daughter about her divorce and subsequent reconciliation.

Next up, a hilariously charming interview featuring parents Jenny and Rufus with their son Miles.

Bonnie Zampino posted this conversation with her 12-year-old son Brandon reflecting on his journey with autism.

Med student Arianna Yanes had a fascinating talk with with her mom Giti, a physician, about attending medical school in revolution-era Iran.

And finally, here's aforementioned gay dad and entrepreneur Jon Raj and his adorable bow-tied son. We promise this video will make your day.

We'll be featuring many more #TalkToMe videos in the weeks to come. Take a few minutes and make yours this weekend! We promise you'll be glad you did.