Our 16 Favorite Small-Space Finds From Urban Outfitters

Get more out of less.

Bohemian retailer Urban Outfitters recently made a point of renaming their home section to “Apartment,” meaning the pieces they feature are stylish and functional for small-space living. That’s music to those of us who are struggling to add storage and tranquility to tiny apartments.

Though there are obvious ways of creating storage in small spaces, like by adding functional wall shelves and versatile coffee tables, sometimes you’re looking for more innovative (and Insta-worthy) ways to get a little more space out of seemingly less.

Below are our 16 favorite small-home finds from Urban Outfitters:

Stackable Storage Box Set
Urban Outfitters
Not only is this a steal at $50, these lidded prop-open top containers can be used together or separately to store everything from make-up and beauty products to electronics, stationary, desk supplies and more.
Drum Storage Side Table
Urban Outfitters
This cylindrical metal drum side table or nightstand comes with a removable lid to store pillows, blankets, sheets, and more.
Haskall Breakfast Bar
Urban Outfitters
Urban's apartment section can get a bit pricey, but this under $400 breakfast bar comes with two stools and an ergonomical fit for small spaces. You can't beat that.
Maddox Shelving Unit
Urban Outfitters
With 8 assorted cubbies for optimal storage, this is a perfect small space investment that's functional but also stylish.
Slim Perforated Metal Storage
Urban Outfitters
This is an easy and inexpensive organizational unit for either a bathroom or bedroom.
Leni Leaning Mirror
Urban Outfitters
This frame features a full-length mirror, hooks for hanging and an additional bar for other accessories.
Pipe Clothing Rack
Urban Outfitters
A clothing rack is an easy solution for adding more storage in tight spaces. These durable yet space-saving metal pipes can hold your clothes and jackets while the bottom can store shoes, containers, bags, and more.
Maggie Corner Wall Shelf
Urban Outfitters
Make the most out of the space you have with these innovative corner shelves.
Bamboo Shoe Storage
Urban Outfitters
Keep your storage sleek and stylish with these tri-tiered bamboo shelves that can hold your shoes, books, candles, and more.
Deco Convertible Sofa
Urban Outfitters
Functional furniture is a must in a small space. This convertible sofa is small but has enough required seating and comes with a foldout high-density foam cushion underneath.
Wire Wall Rectangle Grid
Urban Outfitters
This wall hanging unit can be used in an entryway, above your bed, near your desk, and elsewhere thanks to its multi-purpose design.
Cameron Adjustable Desk Storage System
Urban Outfitters
Having a large work desk is unfortunately not very feasible in a small space, but that doesn't mean you should give up on your need for a creative spot. This storage desk sturdily screws right into your wall to save you space and has adjustable shelves.
Plymouth Sliding Storage Mirror
Urban Outfitters
With three interior shelves, a sliding unit, and a mirror on the front, this storage mirror for under $150 is the perfect addition to your bathroom.
Tri-Seat Mango Wood Bench
Urban Outfitters
If you're in search of some more seating, try this wood tri-bench that can be used against a wall for storage or as an extra sitting area.
Ari Counter Table
Urban Outfitters
Whether you use this as an island, a standing breakfast bar, or a standing pantry, this counter table is the next functional piece your small kitchen needs.
Elliot Mirrored Coffee Table
Urban Outfitters
These lacquered metal coffee tables come separately in three different sizes so you can mix and match according to what best fits your space.

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