Fawad Mohammadi And Jawanmard Paiz, 14-Year-Old Actors From Oscar-Nominated 'Buzkashi Boys,' Travels To Hollywood

Teens Raise Thousands Of Dollars To Attend Oscars!

Fawad Mohammadi and Jawanmard Paiz did not want to miss their chance to attend The Academy Awards on Sunday, but their trip to Hollywood all the way from Kabul, Afghanistan didn’t look promising because of the high costs.

After lots of hard work and fundraising, the 14-year-olds who star in “Buzkashi Boys” –- nominated for best live action short film -- embarked on their first journey out of the country on Tuesday and touched down in Los Angeles.

“Buzkashi Boys” is about two impoverished kids who grow up wanting to play buzkashi, Afghanistan's national sport that’s similar to polo.

News Sky reports the film’s producers organized a campaign to earn enough money to fly the boys out to the U.S. because they couldn’t afford to do so on their own. They were able to raise nearly $12,000 from 237 different people in 13 countries.

The trip doesn’t end at the Oscars. ABC News writes that after Sunday’s festivities, the State Department is flying the teens to Washington, DC for a special screening of the film. Most importantly, they also have plans to head to Disneyland.

Mohammadi told ABC News what he wants everyone watching the Academy Awards to understand. "Afghanistan is a peaceful country. A good country," Mohammadi said.

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